Dear colleagues,,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the 7th edition of the International Week of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. In times when traveling is restricted, iWeek 2021 is a drop of normality and an attempt to continue to create intercultural exchange between students, academics and teachers from all around the world, even if we need to adapt the format of the event and move it online.

The past year has shown us how vulnerable our habits are and how fragile are the things we take for granted - in our families, in institutions, in our country and in the whole world. Cultural Connections is the theme of the 2021 International Week and therefore all the lectures and workshops will be created around the acknowledged need of cultural exchange and moreover connection and interconnectivity – becoming more aware of their importance through the past year. We trust that for a successful connection and collaboration between individuals and institutions alike, intercultural dialogue must be kept alive even in times of hardship, as it truly is the main vector that we should all understand and enhance. Through this event, we will develop a deeper understanding, an open and respectful exchange between the partner universities – as representatives of a culture, image and identity of a country on the world stage.

What is the online iWeek about?

Making the best of the opportunities that online connectivity brings us, we invite both you and your students to join the online lectures along with the students of LBUS. Therefore, not only the academics but also the students will get the chance of meeting and experiencing internationalization from the safety of their homes.


  • Lectures held online by guest academics for both students from partner universities and the local students from LBUS
  • Workshop on the “Four Coordinates of internationalization – What, Why, Where, and When: Current challenges and methods of adaptation”

What should your contribution consist of?

  • Academic guests should prepare one-two lectures for an audience which consists of Bachelor, Master Students and professors from the same field of expertise, both from LBUS and the participating universities. The lectures will be held in English
  • The non-academic staff who will join the event will be able attend the workshop.