Application Procedure:

For more information about Erasmus application procedures and other useful information please check out our Handbook for International Students.


For enrolment at ULBS for STUDIES you need to:

1. Be nominated by your home institution at this link:https://forms.gle/pppfJgvNJiZmxPo9A

2. After the nomination you will be required to send the Application Form for mobilities for studies coming from EU countries and Learning agreement  filled in using OLA platform  https://www.learning-agreement.eu/ and  Erasmus+ App (available in Google Play and Apple store) at the following e-mail address international@ulbsibiu.ro; 


Required documents:

To complete the Learning Agreement you have to check the link to the course curricula and choose the courses you want to attend. If you need more information regarding the courses you can contact the Erasmus coordinator from each Faculty or Department: Erasmus Faculty Coordinators. After we receive your nomination and application documents, we will issue an Acceptance Letter and we will send you further information about accommodation, arrival and departure dates, welcome week, etc.



For enrolment at LBUS for TRAINEESHIP you need to:

1. Be nominated by your home institution at this link: https://forms.gle/pppfJgvNJiZmxPo9A

2. After the nomination you will be required to send the Application form for mobility for Traineeships for students coming from EU countries and Learning Agreement Traineeships  at the following e-mail address international@ulbsibiu.ro; 


Required documents:


Application deadlines for Erasmus Mobility:

Winter semester: June 30th 2023

Spring semester: November 30th 2023


Academic Calendar 2023-2024:

Winter semester: 11th of October 2023 - 11th of February 2024

Spring semester: 26th of February 2024 - 7th of July 2024



Housing:  Accommodation is NOT guaranteed, and places in the dormitory are allocated according to their availability. 


End of Mobility Procedure:

End of mobility for STUDIES you need to submit the following form:


End of mobility for TRAINEESHIPS you need to submit the following form:



Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Directorate for Internationalization: Programs, Partnerships, Promotion

10 Victoriei Boulevard, 550024 Sibiu

Tel./Fax. 0040 269 210512

E-mail: international@ulbsibiu.ro


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/international.ulbs



Further Information


“Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu has an Erasmus Student Network Section.

ESN is a non-for-profit international student organization. Its mission is to represent international student’s thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self development under the principle of Students Helping Students.


Its main aims are:

• To improve Erasmus students socialization

• To organize events with all Erasmus students

• To organize tours in our region

• To help students in finding accommodation during their stay in Sibiu

• To support students in their academic life


ESN contact:

Bogdan Minzat: minzat_bogdan@yahoo.com


ESN Facebook